Security & Privacy

Strong security and privacy standards by default

We take precautions to ensure your data stays protected

best practices

SOC II Type II Compliance

Navattic’s security posture is audited annually by external auditors. We are SOC II Type 2 compliant with zero exceptions reported.

Annual third-party security testing

Yearly penetration-testing audits conducted by a third-party. See below for information about obtaining a report.

Hosted on trusted cloud architecture

Hosted and served on cloud providers like Cloudflare and AWS that have the highest standards for security requirements.

SOC II Compliance

Frequently asked questions

Is Navattic SOC II compliant?
Yes, Navattic achieved SOC II Type 2 compliance with zero exceptions. To access the report, please send an email
Where can I find the list of data subprocessors?
For more information on other companies that process data, see our List of Subprocessors.
Do you have a pen test report available to share?
Yes, Navattic completes third party penetration tests annually. To request access to our latest pen test report, send an email to
How is data encrypted?
Our platform uses encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (HTTPS/TLS).
What is the process for reporting security issues?
If you are interested in submitting a security issue, first please read about our Responsible disclosure program, and then send an email to
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