What is Trainual?

Trainual is a knowledge transfer and training platform where growing teams build the playbooks for how they do what they do. All your processes and policies are easily documented, assigned, and updated, and completion tracking makes sure people know their stuff. The result? Faster onboarding and training and seamless delegation across all the roles and responsibilities in your business.

What was the problem you were facing?

Trainual is the category-defining platform for business playbook software, combining multiple solutions — including onboarding, training, SOP documentation, and knowledge management — into a single system.

One challenge we face in building this category is how to briefly communicate what a business playbook is, why every company needs one, and how Trainual solves that problem. Explaining this is especially challenging because we serve businesses across various industries and verticals.

We wanted a way to showcase a curated and interactive version of what it feels like to be within our product. The goals were: 1) to get users to the light bulb “a-ha” moment before even starting a trial, and 2) to communicate value earlier in the evaluation process.

Why Navattic?

We had considered potentially building an interactive demo experience in-house. However, building that experience would have added another major project in an unproven and brand-new initiative that would have required significant engineering resources to create and launch.

Ultimately, we realized that building it in-house was not the right fit. That's when we shifted directions and began our search for an external solution that was easy to use and quick to set up. We chose Navattic because it was simple to implement, delivered on our requirements, and met our quick turnaround timeline.

What are some results you have seen?

With Navattic, we were able to plan, build, and deploy our interactive demo experience without tapping our engineering resources and saw results within the first month.

We tested our interactive demo against an existing product tour video. After a few weeks, we saw a +450% lift in free trial signups when the interactive demo was displayed. We also saw a +100% lift in users reaching activated trial status (activated = highly engaged trials) seven days after signup, and a +175% lift in users converting to paid customers in that same timeframe.