What is SourceDay?

SourceDay is a modern purchase order management platform for syteline, epicor, and netSuite ERPs. SourceDay’s supply chain software integrates with your ERP to automate direct spend purchase order (PO) changes.

What was the problem you were facing?

We found that our sales reps were bringing in technical solutions consulting team earlier and earlier in the sales process including the discovery phase. After additional investigation, we learned that this was largely due to the fact that our sales reps did not have a way to showcase our product. We experimented with demo environments but saw that data quality and consistency was a struggle especially as a sales team continues to grow. We were looking for a solution to help our sellers showcase the product in a streamlined and controlled environment that they can’t break.

Why Navattic?

We came across Navattic when browsing for solutions to solve our demo environment challenges. We saw how easy it was to build immersive and comprehensive product demos all from a simple to navigate user interface. In working with the Navattic team, we have also found that they are very responsive and receptive to feedback and feature requests to build the best possible user experience.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

We are using Navattic demos across a number of teams and use cases throughout our go-to-market motions. The presales team is using interactive demos built on Navattic to give confident and consistent product overviews earlier in the sales funnel. We are using these demos to deliver to prospect champions and enable them to position the product internally without the need for multiple product demos throughout the sales cycle. Lastly, our training and onboarding teams have adopted Navattic product tours for user enablement and to quickly build product simulations to save support time.

What are some results you have seen?

Since launching these product tours across different teams and functions, we have seen real results. With Navattic product tours deployed for user enablement, our onboarding and training team is seeing a 90% decrease in the number of one-on-one trainings needed to activate new users. This has enabled us to focus time and hiring investments on our growth and product teams.

We’ve also used interactive product tours built on the Navattic platform for conferences and in-person selling events. At these events, it is critical that things work to showcase the product in the best possible light. At our last conference, prebuilt Navattic demos gave us the ability to confidently showcase product functionality without risk of potential failure. From this latest conference alone using Navattic, we created 30 opportunities resulting in significant pipeline generated.

On the presales side, with interactive product tours as a part of our sales rep playbook, solutions consultants are spending 30% less time on early stage demos and can now fully focus on higher value and more strategic deals.