What is Phrase?

Phrase offers a suite of products that consists of the highest ranked, enterprise-ready translation management system (Phrase TMS), and the leading software localization platform (Phrase Strings), which power high-quality, scalable, and fast localization. Phrase Localization Suite helps companies open the door to global business to reach more people, make deeper connections, and drive growth.

What was the problem you were facing?

Some visitors were reticent to go through the sign-up process and check out the product during their initial evaluation. We wanted to find a low-friction way to show them around of product offerings without forcing them to sign up. We know that once a prospect views our product and understands our value propositions, there is a good chance that they will become a long-term user and customer.

Why interactive demos?

Time and effort were a constraint for us as we were looking to launch an experience quickly that would still look good and perform. We have used video in the past but were looking for a more hands-on viewer experience.

We did consider building a tour using screenshots and animations but quickly realized that we were missing the “in-product” feeling that we were looking for which was a key part of this user experience.

We decided on exploring interactive product demos after seeing some examples and researching different vendors.

Ultimately, rather than moving forward with a video or screenshots, we did decide on using Navattic to build and launch our interactive demo because it was a low-effort way to quickly launch the engaging product content we were looking for.

What are some results you have seen?

First of all, Navattic gave our marketing team full control over the demo experience. From start to finish, our team was able to build and launch the demo without ever needing to engage engineering resources. We were able to build out our first end-to-end demo experience in a matter of days, a project that could have taken weeks if we needed to engage other teams.

Additionally, since launching our first product tour, we quickly saw real results. In only a few months since launching, we are seeing a 60% click-through rate from the interactive demo experience generating qualified inbound traffic for our sales team.

These quality leads have already seen the product via the demo and understand our key features and value propositions helping our overall deal cycle and time to close.

What are some other ways you plan to use Navattic?

In addition to our main website interactive demo, we plan on building and launching demos for specific add-ons to our platform. We will then use these demos as assets on feature-specific pages for additional engagement offerings for website viewers.

Additionally, we plan on building additional demo content for our sales team to use in their cadences with prospective customers. They will use these demos throughout the entire sales journey from the first touchpoint to champion enablement to close.