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"Since launching Navattic, it's been responsible for 15% of the leads on our website."
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"Our Navattic interactive demos have helped influence over $10M of ARR"
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"Our Navattic demos have generated 1000s of high-intent leads that are entering our sales cycle already familiar with our product and key use cases. "
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"We saw a +450% lift in free trial signups when the interactive demo was displayed."
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"In the last five months, we’ve generated over $150,000 in new pipeline from visitors who go through the interactive demo on the website"
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"We are seeing a 60% click-through rate from the interactive demo experience generating qualified inbound traffic for our sales team. "
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"Our Navattic tour has a higher conversion rate than any other referrer to our “request a demo” page, nearly 40%."
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"It helps that we can build interactive demos faster than other assets. Recording a video could easily take twice as long and end up not nearly as polished as a Navattic demo. "
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"Navattic tours add a layer of interactivity to our content that helps users quickly understand the value of our product."
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"Thousands of visitors engage with our interactive demo each month. Leads from Navattic already know what the Athennian product does, and are confident that it addresses a pain point that they have."
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"Navattic shows prospects how our software works, which is such a rare thing within enterprise software."
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"Our Navattic product tour acts like another touchpoint in the buyer’s journey but is really a catalyst for lead conversion down the funnel."
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"Navattic’s guided demo builder is intuitive and lets me build the entire demo on my own without needing to engage technical resources. "
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"From the visitors who visit our product tour page, we’ve had a 20% conversion rate to requesting a tour. 22% of those conversions have been high quality accounts perfectly within our ICP."
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"On the presales side, with interactive product tours as a part of our sales rep playbook, solutions consultants are spending 30% less time on early stage demos and can now fully focus on higher value and more strategic deals."
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"We have seen clear ROI since launching our Navattic product tour resulting in over $100,000 in generated pipeline with new prospects that engage with our guided product tour experience."
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"Now, after launching, our playbook gallery has the lowest exit rate of any page on our entire website and our overall site conversion rate has increased by 36%."
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"Overall it’s a better experience for us and our audience compared to video content because Navattic interactive demos are easier to create, update, and click through for end users."
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"Since launching our product tour on our website just a few months ago, we are already seeing real results with 8% of all leads that engage with the tour converting to a closed deal."
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"We are seeing a 40% demo request conversion for users that navigate through a product tour CTA leading to higher intent and more informed leads throughout our sales funnel."

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