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We're a hard-working team and we're just getting started
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Our values

Finding the right person that matches our work ethic and values is important to us.

Care for the craft

We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Sometimes simple starting places give us the building blocks to build off of, but we always come back to improve our work.

Persistence is key

Don’t underestimate the progress that can be made by working consistently. We believe in the power of small, continuous steps and the compounding effect they can have over time.

Relentlessly focus on the long-term

There will be situations where you can get a quick win in the short term, at the expense of the long-term. We take pride in making decisions that set the team up for success in the long-run.

Exceptional ownership

We take pride in our work and practice exceptional ownership. Oftentimes, this means transcending functions to help one another to get tasks over the finish line. We celebrate those that are generous with their help and commitment.

Practice what we preach

We use our product as our primary go-to-market tool. Navattic employees are the best power users of Navattic. We are our first customer and we incorporate our learnings as users of Navattic into our product development cycles.

Input × Leverage = Output

We’ve built a team of motivated, driven people dedicated to building a product-led future. To actualize our goals will require daily execution done with exceptional focus and discipline.