2022 Website Trends: Messaging with Nicholas Scalice

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Nicholas Scalice is founder and growth marketer at Earnworthy, a conversion-focused growth marketing agency that turns your funnels into a lead-generation sales machine.

Nicholas is an expert in all things growth marketing and is the author of the Growth Marketer Newsletter. He’s also the host of the Growth Marketing Toolbox and Landing Page School podcasts.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How to improve lead generation with multi-step forms
  • Why pop-ups aren’t always a good idea
  • Chatbot software that can improve a website visitor’s experience

To start, give a high-level introduction of your background

I’ve been doing growth marketing for about seven years and I’ve worked in the marketing industry for about thirteen years. I now run a small agency called Earnworthy, and we specialize in landing page optimization. We also do email marketing and cold email outreach for professional services companies.

And then I also run Growth Marketer, which is a podcast and newsletter. We publish a bunch of free resources as well.

What are some gold standard websites that you just love right now?

I’m going to share a site that’s doing a fantastic job in the lead generation space since we do a lot of work there.

Website #1: Lemonade

Lemonade is an insurance provider, and what I love about their website is that it’s conversion-focused.

In the insurance space, it’s a long, drawn-out process to collect necessary information on your leads. But I think Lemonade does an excellent job of outlining the process. They have a simple CTA at the top, they add social proof with big logos, and they add humor to their copy.

Overall, it’s an accessible, easy-to-scan website. And they continue this theme of simplicity through to their intake process. It’s very streamlined and conversational.

Businesses trying to generate leads can learn a lot from Lemonade.

Explore an interactive demo of Lemonade:

See why Nicholas choose Lemonade as one of his gold standard websites.

What are top trends you’re seeing for websites this year?

It’s hard to get people to take action on a website. It’s one thing for websites to get traffic, but they should really be thinking hard about how to capitalize on that.

The first thing I’m seeing is multi-step forms – just like Lemonade is doing. That’s one of the best things you can do if you want to convert more of your website traffic into leads or consultations.

Transforming a complicated form into a shorter survey that takes people through questions one-by-one seems much more manageable to website visitors.

Another thing I’ve been seeing is conversion boosters that pop up in the corner of a website that say, “10 people subscribed today,” or “15 people just bought this product.”

Travel sites are really good at this. Hotels.com and Travelocity have these conversion elements on their site to showcase social proof and increase the likelihood that you convert.

What is a trend you’re ready to see end this year for websites?

There are so many, but one of the top ones is pop-ups that happen as soon as you land on a site.

I will say, pop-ups work – I’m not against pop-ups in general. I just think you need to add a bit of a delay so it’s not the first thing someone sees. It gives people a minute to figure out what the site is about.

Something else that’s often overlooked is button text. I see so many websites where they have a form and then the button just says, “Submit.” “Submit” isn’t usually a good call-to-action. You want to give people a sense of what will happen when they click the button.

Are they getting instant access? Are they getting a free consultation? Are they purchasing a product?

Try to think of other phrases that are more illustrative.

What are some of your favorite tools right now for website design or optimization?

My favorite way to build landing pages, which is a standalone type of website, is to use a tool called Unbounce.

It’s a drag and drop landing page builder. You can easily build a landing page using one of their templates or starting from scratch, and you don’t need to be a designer.

We love building Unbounce pages for ourselves and our clients. It’s quick and they are easy to test.

Another tool I really like is called Landbot. It’s a conversational chatbot tool you can use in place of forms or live chats.

It’s easy to customize the chatbot and you can embed it in a page, widget, or pop-up. I find it’s a great way to capture leads.

Tell us more about Earnworthy

Earnworthy helps marketing teams looking for help with landing page optimization, marketing automation, cold email outreach or conversion audits.

If you’re interested in any of these four services, please check out our website.

And if you want to learn more about landing pages and marketing in general, I encourage you to visit growth marketer. That’s where I publish my weekly newsletter and where you can find my podcast and free resources.


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