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Product Growth at Vimeo: A Conversation with Raghav Kholsa

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Randy Frank
Randy Frank

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I sat down with Raghav Kholsa, a senior growth analyst at Vimeo. In his various roles in product growth, Raghav has seen the importance of using data and testing to drive decisions for product decisions and overall go-to-market strategy.

In our discussion, Raghav and I explored how to break into product growth from different backgrounds, the role of product growth in fast moving tech companies, how product growth coordinates between the user and engineering team, and the rise of product-led growth in the modern sales cycle.

Tech organizations are embracing the new role of the growth product manager as they adopt new business models and customer aquisition channels. Growth teams exist to help accelerate product adoption and typically will have a hand in multiple business units. Product growth is here to stay so learn how this new role can support your business!


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