Manatee Joins Forces with Navattic

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Today, we have great news to share. Manatee (YC S22) will be joining forces with Navattic.

Manatee built an impressive interactive demo platform to help sales teams create scalable, personalized, no-code demos, all without engineering effort.

In early conversations with the Manatee team, led by CEO Bryan Houlton, it became immediately clear that we have a shared vision of enabling GTM teams to showcase their product across the funnel. When exploring partnership options, CEO Bryan Houlton shared that a few key facets of our product and team stood out;

“Teaming up with Navattic was a no-brainer. The culture we saw made us really want to bring our skills and product insights to their table, and they have an amazing product foundation for us to build upon.”

As we’ve continued to grow our customer base over the past two and a half years, we have learned the importance of making our product as powerful and simple to use as possible. The Manatee team has an impressive breadth of engineering talent and in welcoming them to Navattic, we’ll be able to further increase our product velocity and continue building out features that customers love.

I’m excited to officially welcome the Manatee team and their customers to Navattic.


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