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My Product Isn’t Designed for PLG: How Can My Business Become Product-Led?

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Neil Mclean
Neil Mclean

Our founder, Neil McLean, recently sat down with OpenView to discuss how any company can start making strides towards Product Led. See an excerpt below:

With the explosion of product-led growth (PLG), many companies are critically evaluating what it means for their go-to-market strategy. Many products are well suited to a free trial/freemium motion, while others may have the following considerations to work around:

My product is a feature-rich enterprise product and it may be confusing to users without proper training My product has extensive integrations/setup required for users to see value My product touches sensitive data, which users are reluctant to share without company sign-off

That may be true for your SaaS product, but it’s important to remember product-led growth isn’t about offering customers a free trial of your product. And it isn’t a job title, like “growth lead.” It’s an organization-wide strategy that puts end-user needs first.

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