Navattic Interactive Demo
Mobile version
Explore a high-level overview of the Navattic platform from your mobile device.
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Navattic capture editor
Capture your application
Any web application can be captured in a pixel-perfect state that maintains hover states, animations, and other dynamic interactions.

Upload screenshots of any mobile application to create interactive demos from other devices.
Navattic flow builder
Build a story
Combine your captures in our Storyboard builder and add text callouts to guide users through your sharable demo.

Owned entirely by your GTM team - no engineering or technical resources required.
Navattic capture editor
Clean your captures
Edit the text, images, blur, and delete elements to customize and perfect messy demo environments.

Use Global Find & Replace and Personalization variables to personalize your demo for different audiences at scale.
Match your brand's style
Customize the appearance of your demo to match your product's look and feel.

Edit colors, fonts, and anything else you would need to match your company brand.
Share your demo
Send a link of your demo directly to prospects or embed it on your website.
Connect your CRM
Connect Hubspot, Salesforce, or Marketo to sync Navattic engagement data to existing your go-to-market workflows.

Create dashboards to see pipeline influenced by your interactive demos.
See how visitors interact with your demo
See CTA clicks, drop-offs, and time spent on each step for each demo visitor.

Filter by engaged visitors to see what parts of your product they're most interested in.
Reveal accounts viewing your demos
Turn anonymous website visitors into revealed target accounts enriched with firmographic data.

Understand which companies are actively evaluating your product for tailored outreach.
Get started building demos
Mobile version
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